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    Model # Poles Weight(s)/Flex(es)
    2m75 (9')
    3m05 (10')
    3m20 (10'6")
    3m35 (11')

    Model # Poles Weight(s)/Flex(es)
    3m50 (11'6")
    3m65 (12')
    3m85 (12'7")
    4m00 (13'1")
    4m15 (13'7")
    4m30 (14'1")
    4m45 (14'7")
    4m60 (15'1")
    4m75 (15'7")
    4m90 (16'1")
    5m00 (16'5")
    5m10 (16'9")

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    Poles made from the most advanced
    materials on the market


    Easy to roll with a powerful,
    perfectly timed return


    Long lasting and engineered
    for performance