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ESSX is a company made of former athletes striving to build amazing products.

UST-ESSX is a premier manufacturer of high-performance, composite vaulting poles.
Designed for speed, power and durability, our brands such as Recoil and Launch have been proven at the sport’s highest levels. We are passionately driven by the science of product innovation – the use of aerospace materials, precise cutting, rolling and baking produces poles with structural reliability and better overall consistency.

ESSX Europe products - the launch glasfiber pole vaulting pole

ESSX Launch vaulting pole

ESSX launch poles are made solely from fiberglas. The pole is designed using layers of composite materials to give the vaulter a pole they can time and manage. Smaller diameters make these poles easy to bend, matching the needs of those learning to vault.

Launch poles have a smooth progression from bottom to top and provide a perfect transition into the carbon-based Recoil line.

The ESSX Launch has proven to be a huge benefit to beginning vaulters: they help learn beginners to bend poles at the earliest stage of training

ESSX Europe products - the recoil composite pole vaulting pole

ESSX Recoil Pole vault pole

Top Male & Female Athletes such as Olympic Champion Katie Nageotte, Olympic silver medalist Chris Nilsen (6m05),  2017 & 2019 World Champion Sam Kendricks (6m06), and also 2020 Olympic Decathlon Chamion Damien Warner trust in the Recoil Advanced, the most vaulter friendly and advanced pole on the market. Input from beginning to Olympic level vaulters was used by UST’s team of material and structural engineers to match performance with the most advanced materials on the market. The result is the lightest, most durable pole, with the smallest diameter, available on the market. Not only does the athlete get a durable, light weighted pole, but also a pole, perfectly designed for maximum performance. Recoil Advanced characteristics are “easy to roll” with a powerful, perfectly timed return.

ESSX Launch pole

ModelPrices ex. 21% VATIncluding VAT
2m75€ 336€ 406,56
3m05€ 352€ 425,92
3m20€ 368€ 445,28
3m35€ 390€ 471,90
Pricing from 01-01-2024 valid until 31-3-2024
All prices are excluding Transport

Other products

ProductModelPrice ex. 21% VATPrice incl. 21% VAT
Pole GuardSmall & Large€ 17,50€ 21,18
Pole BagS (4m00 - 4m45)€ 215€ 260,15
Pole BagM (4m45 - 4m90)€ 225€ 272,25
Pole BagL (4m90 - 5m30)€ 235€ 284,35
Pole vault tipsAll sizes€ 22,50€ 27,23
Tube HDPEAll sizes€ 50€ 60,50
ESSX BackpackOne size€ 35€ 42,50
T-shirtsAll sizes€ 20€ 24,20
SweaterAll sizes€ 45€ 54,45

ESSX Recoil pole prices

ModelPrices ex. 21% VATIncluding VAT
3m50€ 473€ 572,33
3m65€ 505€ 611,05
3m85€ 538€ 650,98
4m00€ 560€ 677,60
4m15€ 594€ 718,74
4m30€ 624€ 755,04
4m45€ 710€ 859,10
4m60€ 803€ 971,63
4m75€ 870€ 1.052,70
4m90€ 900€ 1.089,00
5m00€ 920€ 1.113,20
5m10€ 940€ 1.137,40
Pricing from 01-01-2024 valid until 31-3-2024
All prices are excluding transport

The carbon ESSX is designed with a relative lower sail piece and high top of sail. The ESSX pole gives you the feeling of being lifted up at take off, making the initial impact less.

Due to it’s design the ESSX poles are not likely to twist. The pole has an even unbend and recoils all the way through the jump resulting in a very smooth jump.

Athletes tell us the pole feels to bend higher and they experience less risk of the box blocking the bend of the pole.


Poles made from the most advanced
materials on the market


Easy to roll with a powerful,
perfectly timed return


Long lasting and engineered
for performance