LINZ demo day november 2023

After Hungary our next stop was Austria

A Successful Day in Linz
ESSX Pole Vault Poles Shine Again

Today, we had the pleasure of visiting the picturesque city of Linz, Austria, for the next stop on our European tour of ESSX pole vault pole demos. It was a day filled with excitement and pole vaulting enthusiasts at the stunning indoor track in Linz, where we welcomed around 40 pole vaulters to put our poles to the test.

The athletes in attendance ranged from highly experienced pole vaulters to those just beginning their journey into the world of pole vaulting, and the enthusiasm was palpable. The interest in our equipment, particularly our rental program, was overwhelming. It’s evident that Austria holds immense potential to become a significant player in our expanding pole leasing program.

While we acknowledge that transportation logistics can be a challenge, we’re optimistic about improvements in the coming year. As the day in Linz has shown, the demand and enthusiasm for ESSX pole vault poles are soaring, and we’re excited to see the growth in Austria and beyond. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue our tour across Europe!


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