Life for used vaulting poles

Former pole vault world champion Rens Blom and German champion Lars Börgeling are working to develop a process for reusing discarded poles. ESSX Europe is working with the Brightlands Sportinnovator Centre to inspect the poles for defects and reissue them to other athletes. Blom represents the American sports equipment manufacturer UST-ESSX in Europe, which produces composite tubes for golf and pole vaulting poles. ESSX Europe wants to give a new life to used or damaged poles made from high quality materials such as carbon or fibreglass. By providing a proper test for used material, Blom and Börgeling hope to turn the market into a circular model where reuse is accepted. Blom is the project leader of this feasibility study, and the Brightlands Sportinnovator Centre is supporting and facilitating him with knowledge, network and research facilities. Ultimately, Blom hopes that the poles will be used again primarily for pole vaulting or as parts of other sports equipment.

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ESSX and Timm Funke

Timm was last with us in the training hall in Sittard at the beginning of March. In preparation for the World Masters, we worked together on his technique and optimised his leasing pole set for the Masters World Championships.

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