ESSX explores new innovations in pole vaulting at JEC show in Paris

I had the pleasure of attending the JEC World tradeshow in Paris yesterday with my colleague Don Rahrig to explore new innovations and technologies in the field of engineering and materials science, of course aimed at innovations in pole vaulting. We were both impressed by the size and diversity of the show, with a wide range of exhibitors showcasing products and applications not directly related to sport.

However, as representatives of ESSX, a leading manufacturer of pole vaulting poles, we were delighted to find that the show offered a surprising amount of information and inspiration for our work in the sports industry. Specifically, we were looking for better and safer ways to build pole vaulting poles, and we found a lot of useful information on different inspection methods, as well as new ways to create more durable and stronger poles.

As well as exploring new technologies, we also focused on our circularity project, which aims to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility in the use of poles, and our leasing programme, all aimed at ensuring a long lifecycle for our products by using innovations in pole vaulting. We were pleased to find that many of the exhibitors at the show shared our commitment to sustainability and were actively working on similar projects.

Overall, our visit to JCE was a great success. We learned a lot, made valuable connections and were inspired to continue pushing the boundaries of what we can do in the world of pole vaulting. We look forward to incorporating what we learned into our work and continuing to innovate and improve our products for athletes around the world.

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