ESSX Demo Day in Linz – Join Us on Our Upcoming Tour in March!

Linz, Austria – In an exciting showcase of ESSX pole vault poles, the city of Linz played host to another successful demo day, leaving athletes and enthusiasts buzzing with excitement. With the spacious indoor track as our venue, we welcomed over 40 pole vaulters eager to explore the world of ESSX pole vaulting.

The event brought together athletes of all skill levels, from seasoned pole vaulters to those taking their first leap into the sport. The energy and enthusiasm were palpable as they experienced the difference that ESSX poles can make in their jumps.

ESSX poles are not just any poles; they are designed to improve the way pole vaulters approach their jump. The Linz demo day provided an opportunity for athletes to feel the difference that our poles bring to their jump. The technology and design of ESSX poles offer a better experience for pole vaulters. Check out all images here.

Because we’ve witnessed firsthand how ESSX poles can transform athletes and elevate their performance, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re hitting the road once again. Our upcoming European tour in March 2024 promises even more exciting opportunities for clubs and athletes to experience the magic of ESSX poles.

Clubs and organizations looking to host an ESSX demo day during our March tour are encouraged to get in touch with us. It’s the perfect chance to get to know our poles and discover the innovative ways they can assist pole vaulters in their journey. Join us as we continue our mission to inspire, elevate, and empower athletes with ESSX pole vault poles.

Stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming tour, and follow us on our journey to spread the excitement and excellence of ESSX pole vaulting across Europe. Your next pole vaulting adventure awaits with ESSX!

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