ESSX and Timm Funke

ESSX europe DEMO training with Timm Funke

Congratulations to Timm Funke for finishing 8th at the Masters World Championships in Torun!!!!

How we met Timm is an interesting story. At the beginning of 2021, Rens and I had just founded ESSX Europe, we didn’t have a website, no bars to sell or anything else, when Tye Harvey, silver medalist at the 2001 World Indoor Championships in Lisbon and now Global Account Manager at ESSX US, forwarded us Timm’s request and asked us to get in touch. No sooner said than done. This was our first request for staff since we had agreed with ESSX to set up a European sales operation. When we asked Timm how he had heard about us, he explained that he had been watching the livestream of the “Backyard Competition” between Renaud Lavillenie, Sam Kendricks and Mondo Duplantis during the Corona Lockdown. He thought the ESSX poles that Sam was jumping with were so cool that he wanted to try one. Unfortunately, there was no dealer network in Europe at the beginning of 2021, so he sent his request directly to ESSX USA in Fort Worth, Texas, where it landed in the mailbox of Tye Harvey, who forwarded it to us.

The rest is history, and it is quickly told. Timm came to train and test the ESSX poles in our hall in Sittard, the Netherlands and bought his first ESSX pole. He was probably the very first German pole vaulter to own an ESSX pole. In the meantime he has built up a complete training and competition set of ESSX poles through purchase and our flexible leasing model.

Timm was last with us in the training hall in Sittard at the beginning of March. In preparation for the World Masters, we worked together on his technique and optimised his leasing pole set for the Masters World Championships.

Here are some impressions from our session at the ESSX Europe HQ in Sittard.

If you would like to try your hand at ESSX bars, then come and visit us in Sittard on 22/23 April. Take the opportunity to ask all the questions you have always wanted to ask, for example about the design or the measurement of flex numbers and KG specifications, why they differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and how to compare bars from different manufacturers in terms of hardness. Most importantly, use the two days to test our poles in detail under expert guidance and see for yourself that ESSX poles are simply better than the competition.

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ESSX DEMO and Workshop 23rd April 2023 – Polevault Shop Vaulting Poles Essx Europe

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