Curious about our poles ? Wonder if you could improve with our hybrid carbon and galsfiber vaulting poles?

ESSX Recoil advanced / launch pole vault DEMO set

We understand that buying a new pole or even a set of poles is quite an investment. Many factors need to be taken into account as all pole models of the different manufacturers vary quite a bit from each other in terms of how they bend, how they move and how they return back the energy. As if this was not already difficult enough, you also cannot just simply compare the Weight and Flex Numbers of the different manufacturers against each other. It’s because there is not a normal standard for measuring the stiffness of a pole. Each manufacturer does it slightly different which results into non-comparable Weight & Flex Numbers.
To help you make an informed decision before your purchase we have put together a demo set of poles which you can test during a practice session here at our ESSX EU base in Sittard/ Netherlands. If you are a coach or an athlete at a club and want to request the demo set for a test day at your location, please fill out the request form to get in touch with us.

DEMO's only per appointment 🙂

ESSX demo set

Length/MetricWeight KGFlexLength/ USS/M/S FlexWeight LBSModel
3354126.311Mid Flex90V33541LU
3354325.611Soft Flex95V33543LU
3354822.511Stiff Flex105V33548LU
3355321.511Soft Flex115V33553LU
3355519.711Soft Flex120V33557LU
350552211'6Mid Flex120V35055RU
3506020.211'6Mid Flex130V35060RU
3655522.312Stiff Flex120V36555RU
3655721.812Mid Flex125V36557RU
3656020.912Mid Flex130V36560RU
365622012Mid Flex135V36562RU
3656419.112Mid Flex140V36564RU
3856420.312'7Mid Flex140V38564RU
3856619.412'7Mid Flex145V38566RU
4006421.513'1Mid Flex140V40064RU
4006620.513'1Mid Flex145V40066RU
4006919.613'1Mid Flex150V40069RU
4007118.613'1Mid Flex155V40071RU
4007317.613'1Mid Flex160V40073RU
4007516.613'1Mid Flex165V40075RU
4307120.214'1Mid Flex155V43071RAU
4307319.114'1Mid Flex160V43073RAU
430751814'1Mid Flex165V43075RAU
4307816.914'1Mid Flex170V43078RAU
4457817.614'7Mid Flex170V44578RAU
4458016.514'7Mid Flex175V44580RAU
4458215.514'7Mid Flex180V44582RAU
4608216.515'1Mid Flex180V46082RAU
4608415.415'1Mid Flex185V46084RAU
4608714.115'1Mid Flex190V46087RAU
4758216.915'7Mid Flex180V47582RAU
4758416.115'7Mid Flex185V47584RAU
4758515.615'7Mid Flex187V47585RAU


Poles made from the most advanced
materials on the market


Easy to roll with a powerful,
perfectly timed return


Long lasting and engineered
for performance